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Is your kitten pouncing, biting, and scratching? Does he seem to be possessed by some type of demon? Do you dread walking down the hallway for fear of being attacked? Does you kitten seem to be an angel when sleeping and a trouble maker when awake? You’ve got a normal kitten on your hands! Kittens need to learn the proper way to play.

Here are some tips:
  1. Never use your hands or feet to play with a kitten. Otherwise, he will learn that hands and feet are toys.
  2. Watching a small kitten trying to play rough may be cute now, but won’t be so cute when he is a cunning cat of 15 lbs and pure muscle. Play with your kitten they way you’d want to play with him as a full grown adult.
  3. Make time in the morning and evening to play with your cat using a cat toy such as a string toy, fishing line toy, or light beam. This will train your cat to use up his kitten energy the right way, and at the time you want him to.


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