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What is a community cat?

Community Cat is an umbrella definition that includes any un-owned cats. These cats may be "feral" (unsocialized/fractious) or friendly, may have been born into the wild, or may be lost or abandoned pet cats.

As many of these cats are feral, it would be impossible for us to adopt them to families safely. For this reason, we cannot take in community cats unless the animal is being brought in to be spayed or neutered and then collected and returned to where it came from.

Many Community Cats are cared for by compassionate people who provide food and water for these cats. Others thrive without any human intervention, especially in our temperate climate. They live in neighborhoods, shopping centers, commercial properties - anywhere they can find shelter. Whatever a cat's circumstances, the term "Community Cat" reflects that for these cats, "home" is within the community rather than in an individual household.

Community Cat Resources

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center supports Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR), which has proven to be the most effective, humane method of reducing Community Cat populations. Through TNR, these cats are humanely trapped, vaccinated, microchipped, spayed or neutered, ear-tipped, and returned to outdoor homes to live out their lives.  Our clinic provides low-cost surgery for community cats.  Learn more info here.

Questions on how to live with cats in your neighborhood? Here are some additional tips.

Searching for ways to help keep cats comfortable in the cold winter months? Check out this DIY guide to building an outdoor shelter.

Traps are available at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center for rental for $5/per day or $20/per week with a $75 deposit refunded when the trap is returned.

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