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Supervised by an experienced dog trainer, our playgroups ensure a calm and controlled atmosphere where dogs can interact freely under expert guidance. Have questions about behavior or training? Our knowledgeable trainer will always be on hand to assist and provide valuable insights.

You’ll also have access to our agility equipment, where you'll learn how to introduce your dog to beginner-level obstacles. You'll discover how to build your dog's confidence and integrate new obstacles on a beginner course, all under the guidance of our experienced dog trainer.

Rest assured, all dogs in our playgroups undergo screening to ensure they are social and up to date on vaccinations, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

But the benefits don't stop there! Your dog will have access to a treasure trove of toys to keep them engaged and entertained. Whether it's chasing a ball, solving a puzzle, or conquering the A-frame, there's something for every pup to enjoy.

Give your furry friend the gift of socialization and fun in a controlled environment. Join our agility playgroups today and watch your dog thrive!

Fee: $30 per dog, per session (MSRPAC adopters receive a 20% discount)


  • Dog Ages: 6 months or older.
  • Schedule: Every other Thursday, 1 hour in length. 
  • Classes begin at 6:00pm


  • Proof of Rabies Vaccination is required.
  • Dogs must be manageable in the presence of other dogs.
  • Dogs must be non-aggressive towards people.


  • Classes are held outdoors at the Pet Adoption Center's large covered training yard

Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center’s group training classes are not meant for:

  • Dogs who have growled, snapped or bit a person.
  • Dogs who have bitten other animals.
  • Dogs who exhibit aggression or other behavioral issues.