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Thank you for your interest the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center's Helping Hounds Program.  Geared towards middle school students, ages 11 through 13, this program allows students to earn service hours while learning about and helping animals at MSRPAC.

During each weekly meeting, students will be involved in multiple different hands-on opportunities at our center to help the needs of our pets. This may include cleaning cages, feeding animals, socializing animals, making adoption kits, making enrichment items for the pets, etc. Students may also be given a few one-page homework assignments throughout the session, and participate in a fundraising project to benefit our pets at the center. At the end of the eight-weeks, students will earn 24 hours of service hours and will receive a letter to document their volunteer service as well as a certification of completion.

The cost for the 8-week session is $75.

Fall Session Dates:

Monday's, October 4th - November 22nd from 4:00pm - 7:00pm 

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Students must be able to attend every Wednesday for the entire 8-week session.  One absence will be permitted.  To recieve credit, an alternative project will be assigned for students to complete at home.

Still need more information?  Email us at or 951-688-4340 ext 325.

Many middle schools in Riverside County are now requiring Service Hours. Please note, Helping Hounds Program may not count towards the mandatory requirements. It is up to the student/parent to check with their school’s Advisor or Counselor to find out what is required of the student in order to complete their Service Hours. However, if a student’s school is not requiring them, students are welcome to apply to the Helping Hounds Program at Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center to gain personal growth to later use on college applications, put on their resume when they reach a working age, etc.